Hey, I'm Tarah
Raw Vegan, Activist, Youtuber
and I'm in love with fruits, vegetables, nature, yoga, and minimalism.

I created Raw Food Livinʼ to inspire you.

I share my raw vegan lifestyle in the hopes that it will help you on your journey to connect to the food you eat, your body, and the natural world. I want this for you because I know what it feels like to be out of alignment with my body and disconnected from the food I eat. 

Years ago I hit my own personal rock-bottom. I was tired, overweight, had cystic acne, was addicted to fast food and felt completely out of touch with my body. I was deeply unhappy after years of yoyo dieting and resorted to binging on unhealthy food because I couldnʼt stand the thought of counting another calorie. I was desperate for a change. It was around that time that I stumbled upon veganism. I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, and shortly after discovered raw foods and thatʼs when my transformation began.

I began eating an all raw diet and noticed new benefits almost on a daily basis! My skin cleared up, the acne scars healed, I lost weight, and I felt a huge increase in energy. Within a few months I was a completely different person. Over the past 7 years of living a raw food lifestyle Iʼve experimented to find the foods and lifestyle practices that feel best for my body and mind, and thatʼs what I share with you in my videos.

Youʼll see video topics like:

Raw Food discussions
What I eat as a raw vegan
Raw food Q&A
Raw recipes

I also make videos about my other passions like minimalism, nature, and adventuring with my pup Pepsi.

I hope youʼll love the work I do here with Raw Food Livinʼ! Feel free to send a message if you have any questions about the raw food lifestyle. 

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